Neighbourhood Renewal Programme

The Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) seeks to enhance the quality of our residents’ living environment through the upgrading & construction of facilities to provide more recreational options for all. This includes enhancing the neighborhood’s physical landscape, as well as increasing connectivity and accessibility for the greater convenience of all residents.

Some improvements under NRP include covered walkways, children’s playgrounds, fitness corners, elderly fitness corners, widened footpaths, barrier-free access ramps and upgrading of activity plazas among others.

The Town Council works with our grassroots organisations and Advisers to gather suggestions and feedback from residents whose precincts have been selected for upgrading. Through NRP, residents have a chance to shape their home precincts according to their lifestyle and recreation preferences.

The full cost of NRP will be borne fully by the Government; residents do not need to pay for the upgrading efforts.

Here are some of the precincts selected for NRP and the progress of the upgrading work: